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About us

Our Beginnings

PTL Academy (ROC 53383007M) started off in 2015 with a focus on primary education but soon after extended into secondary tutelage and enrichment programs driven by our learners’ needs. Our classroom sizes are capped at 8 for weak learners and 10 for a class of average learners. 

Our lesson plans are structured and designed with a clearer and concise learning pace than the school’s classroom. With a stable track record 95% improvement rate, our testimony lies in the dramatic academic progress in our students many of which joined us as underachievers*. You can click Testimonial to view more achievements and improvements of our students and read about the progress in their learning journey with us.

If you need help or know others who need help in improving their grades, you can drop us a message via whatsapp 9229 2926 arrange for a FREE personal evaluation session and trial class to experience for yourself the difference.

From the three years he was a brain cognitive trainer till the time he turned full-time tutor in 2005, Teacher Benjamin observed how underachieved* Singapore students are academically. The primary reasons are due to poor learning attitudes, lack of discipline, lack of perseverance, lack of know-how and confidence.

OUR MISSIONThe heart of the business is to reach out and elevate the lowest tiers of the learning group with an aim to narrow the gap between highest and lowest tier of achievers.

OUR VISIONEvery child can achieve the most of his or her potential according to the individual’s God-given talent and abilities. 

OUR VALUESWith the support from the parents and trust in our teachers, we hope to impart these values to our young charges: Right attitude, Integrity, Self-discipline, Focus and Perseverance, Confidence-building. These values shaped through learned behavior should guide them in learning and help them be ready to embrace and overcome many life’s challenges.

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart

- Nelson Mandela
Former President of South Africa

How are we different?

Small Class Size

Our class ratio of 1:8 with not more than 10 students in a class

Regular Teaching Pace

Re-learning and drilling into the basic fundamentals with fun study plan catered for even weaker students

Equal Ground Learning

Lessons conducted in a unhurried manner with clear and concise explanations to make up for what cannot be achieved in a class of 40.

Frequent Class Tests

Regular tests in exam setting to boost student’s experience, confidence and time management skills

Auto Exclusion

It is our discretion to reject admissions of students with test scores that is greater than or equal to 75 percentile of their cohort scores. Nothing personal.

Our approach to English


Teaching to inculate reading & writing more expressively in both the verbal and written communications.


Learn to explore the play of words and appreciate the beauty of the language through wide exposure from exempts of widely read publications and book sources.


Learning from teacher’s guidance & step by step explanations with plenty of rigorous practices.

Our approach to Mathematics

Model Drawings

Imparting easy application skills to make solving Math easy.

Mathematical Concepts

Demonstrating practices with multiple variations till total understanding of the basic concepts.

Problem Solving

‘On the spot’ class discussions over problem solving to enhance group learning.